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Portable Smoker Adapter - Ryobi ONE+ 18V Compatible

Portable Smoker Adapter - Ryobi ONE+ 18V Compatible

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Introducing the Rywatt Masterbuilt Smoker Battery Converter: Elevate Your Smoking Experience

The Rywatt Portable Smoker Adapter - Masterbuilt Edition Adapter is your gateway to enhanced smoking freedom. Designed to seamlessly power your Masterbuilt smoker with uninterrupted efficiency, it eliminates power outage worries and cord constraints.

Experience smoking without limits - take your smoker anywhere, from the backyard to the campsite if you'd like, without cords holding you back. No more interruptions or power-related anxiety. Let your culinary creativity thrive as you relish in uninterrupted smoking sessions, even overnight.

Powered by Ryobi 18V batteries, this converter ensures consistent, efficient power. Forget energy-wasting conversions - enjoy longer smoking times with direct DC-to-DC power. Seamlessly integrate with your smoker, and elevate your outdoor cooking adventure.

Unleash your Masterbuilt smoker's potential with the Rywatt Battery Converter. Embrace portable smoking freedom and redefine outdoor cooking. Get yours today and savor uninterrupted flavour!

Our new eco-friendly packaging and Auspost's 100% Carbon Neutral delivery ensure we do our best for the planet.

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