About Us


I'm Riley, the driving force behind Rywatt, a new business in Melbourne, Victoria.  At the age of 17, my journey is a blend of athletic pursuits and a strong passion for innovation.

As a competitive swimmer, I've come to understand the power of dedication and the thrill of pushing boundaries. Beyond the pool in my spare time, I thrive in the realm of all things electrical and engineering. The artistry of crafting vibrant light displays and the intrigue of tinkering with circuits resonate deeply within me & I've decided to share that with others giving back to the community and providing some great products.

Your support is highly appreciated. By purchasing from Rywatt, you're not just accessing cutting-edge products; you're contributing to the dreams of a young entrepreneur. Every purchase propels my growth as a future engineer and dedicated athlete.

Whether you're illuminating your displays or embracing the wonders of innovation and culinary creation, your choice to purchase from us goes beyond transactions – it's about showing your support. Join me on this exciting venture, fueled by a relentless passion to explore, innovate, and create a brighter future.