Smoker Runtime Estimates

Estimates provided by the community show the MB Gravity series linup have a power draw when powered on with the fan not running of 59 mA, with the fan running at high speed being 567 mA. Therefor:

  1. Powered On (Fan Off - 59 mA): Battery Life = 5Ah / 0.059A = 84.75 hours

  2. Powered On (Fan On - 567 mA): Battery Life = 5Ah / 0.567A = 8.82 hours


With a very conservative estimate of the fan being on 50% of the time this should allow the smoker to run for 15+ Hours on a 5Ah battery but this will vary depending on the set temperature.

Ryobi sell a range of battery sizes ranging from 1.5Ah to 9Ah but we recommend avoiding the smaller battery sizes to ensure long runtime is not impacted.