Troubleshooting - Portable Pixel Tester

Here are some potential fixes for issues you may have with your portable pixel tester.

Loss of network connection/Changed network credentials

If your network has changed the tester should automatically open up the WLED-AP access point which you can connected to with the password "wled1234". If this does not occur you can also hold down the top button for 6~ seconds to reset to factory defaults.

No pixel output

Ensure your pixel type is set correctly in settings -> led preferences

Pixels are displaying the wrong colour

Try changing the colour order in settings -> Led preferences. WS2812B and most related chips use GRB, WS2811 uses RGB in most cases.

Pixels stop outputting/lighting up.

1. The tester can only output 5A, you may require external power injection to run further LED's. ensure the positives are not connected if using separate power supply's.

2. You may have a reduced number of LED's selected in your settings. Check settings -> Led preferences and ensure the correct value is set.